Frequently Asked Questions by Clients

Here you can find a list of frequently asked questions about Skeleton Key Couture and the range of products and services I offer. If you need something clarified, feel free to ask questions.

Do you have a physical store or studio I can come to?

Skeleton Key Couture currently functions as a home studio business and visits to the studio by clients are by appointment only. My studio is situated in the south of Johannesburg, South Africa.

How long does it take to get something custom made?

Orders take a minimum of 6 weeks to create but it depends entirely on the project. More labour intensive projects and more hand stitching work will extend the time it takes to create your piece.

I need something urgently! Can you make it for me in time?

Corsets do take time to create but if you need something urgently then feel free to contact me and I'll see if I can fit you in!

Can you copy a design exactly to a picture I provide?

No. I am not a dressmaker but rather a fashion designer which means that I want my own style and perspective to be reflected in my work. This is not to say that everything I create has to be my own ideas, I'm perfectly happy for you to bring some inspiration images for me start from if you would like a custom made bespoke piece to be created just for you.

Please understand that I will not copy another designer's work outright.

Do you offer off-the-rack corsets?

Everything I create is made to order and I offer a standard sizing as well as a more expensive custom made-to-measure option and then finally a bespoke custom made-to-measure design for clients who want something unique. While it is always better to have a corset custom made to your specific measurements, I do understand that cost may affect this option and you may feel that a standard sizing is perfectly fine for you.

Please note that standard sizing corsets may not fit your body exactly and you may experience some minor fit issues so please speak to me about which option is best for you and if you wish, you are welcome to organise an appointment to come and try on a standard sized corset at my studio.

What sort of corset shaping do you offer?

Skeleton Key Couture corsets comes in 3 different silhouettes. The Arc, the Shell and the Hourglass.

What sort of boning do you use for your corsets?

It depends. For most body corsets, I use a combination of flat and spring steel boning. For neck corsets and once off fashion corsets with minimal shaping, I use acrylic boning. It really all depends on the corset uses/your budget so please speak to me about your intended purpose for your garment.

Is it safe for me to buy a standard size corset from you?

Yes and no depending on who is reading this. Everybody is different and not everyone will fit perfectly into standard size shaping. You can view the corset sizing guide to see if standard size shaping is an option for you. Obviously it is always better to have a corset custom made to fit your body exactly, but if your size varies from standard sizing by too much then an off-the-rack corset will be a waste of money as it cannot be returned.

If you would like, you are welcome to organise an appointment with me so you can try on one of my samples to see if standard sizing will be a good fit for you!

I love your designs but I want to have something of yours made with some alterations. Is that ok?

Yes! Depending on material availability and versatility, I can offer changes in colour, fabrics, shapes, waist reductions and embellishments of your choosing (Depending on the alterations, this may affect the price). Please speak to me directly about having an altered design made for you.

Do you make products for men?

Yes! Men are most welcome.

I bought one of your corsets, am I supposed to wear it completely closed at the back?

For comfort, flexibility and weight fluctuation reasons, I prefer my corsets to have about a 5 cm gap at the back so I make all of my products in this way. If you would prefer to have a custom made corset with a fully closed back, please let me know!

Do you ship orders in South Africa? How about worldwide?

Yes, I ship around South Africa but please note that this is an added cost.

Please speak to me directly about shipping worldwide. Postage will differ depending on where you are based and Skeleton Key Couture accepts no responsibility for any added custom taxes when you receive your order.

I love your work! Can I rent it for a photoshoot?

I'm always open to collaborative shoots so please speak to me about your ideas!

If you are interested in renting one of my pieces for commercial use (music videos, adverts, commercial events etc.) then please feel free to contact me as well.

How about renting for a private event?

Skeleton Key Couture is not a dress rental service. I do not rent out corsets or gowns for events such as birthdays, cocktail parties, weddings or matric dance functions etc. You will need to purchase a garment or have a custom piece made for you.